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  • 反竊聽服務

    懷疑被竊聽或偷拍? 立即致電神州明達?400-608-6677轉813 解決您的煩惱!


    反竊聽竊視服務 我們為企業,非營利組織,政府,軍隊,政要,政治家,高管和知名客戶提供可以值得信賴的掃除竊聽竊照的服務。我們有高效專業掃除竊聽竊照團隊,配備全球專業的電子檢查設備,提供無可比擬的專業技術。如果您擔心您的信息已經被竊聽,并想解決安全隱患,請聯系我們,尋求幫助。我們專業的反竊聽團隊將為您提供一系列個性化定制服務,隨時回復您的任何要求。



    企業級反竊聽服務 神州明達防竊密服務商高效專業掃除竊聽竊照,配備全球專業的反竊聽檢查設備,提供賓館反偷拍,酒店反偷拍,辦公室反竊聽,辦公室防錄音等企業反竊密服務...



    家庭及個人反竊聽服務 神州明達反竊密服務商針對針孔攝像頭、GPS定位器、激光或紅外線竊聽設備、引出音頻或光學竊聽設備提供一整套的反竊聽服務及設備...



    車輛GPS定位檢測服務 神州明達防定位跟蹤服務高效專業掃除GPS定位器,配備全球專業的反竊聽反定位檢查設備,提供車輛GPS檢測/防定位防跟蹤服務,汽車GPS檢測設備,防錄音等車輛定位檢測服務...





    Are?listening devices only used by government agencies?

    Government agencies do use listening devices. But, competitors, executives, spouses and other everyday people also use?them. Our TSCM Specialists detect a wide range of listening devices.

    Do listening?devices cost thousands of dollars?

    No, not all bugging devices are costly. The cost ranges?from?very expensive to just ten dollars. Many police grade bugs and taps are available?to the public at?very?low prices. A professional TSCM service can detect the expensive and low cost devices.

    Know Your Adversary

    Who is Targeting Your Business or Home?

    The truth is, eavesdroppers come from many walks of life. For example, an eavesdropper may be a competitor, an employee or a business colleague. Also, a?company or executive residence may be targeted by a foreign national or foreign government. A reporter, private investigator?or extortionist may target a hi profile individual. And, a spouse, ex-spouse or romantic interest may seek personal information. A neighbor may also target a private individual.

    More specifically, eavesdroppers may be motivated by money, legal issues, emotions, fame, etc. But, they all want one thing – your valuable information!

    Business Eavesdropping Targets

    Unfortunately, businesses?may be targeted?for trade secret, confidential or sensitive information. For instance,?competitors may want advanced knowledge?of your sales strategy or contract negotiations. Likewise, a foreign national or nation may want to?steal product or process information that will allow them to replicate it?abroad. And, an activist group or a disgruntled employee may want to collect damaging information. Ultimately, a ComSec business bug sweep will help stop leaks of your trade secret and proprietary information.?Click here for our corporate TSCM services page.

    Residential Eavesdropping Targets

    If you are an executive, your home or corporate apartment could be targeted for corporate information. Likewise, a former spouse or current romantic interest may target your home for personal information. Even politicians, celebrities and hi profile individuals?may be targeted?by tabloids, news reporters or?profiteers. Why? Simply because private and damaging information is?freely discussed in your home. In the final analysis, this is why a professional home bug sweep is important.?Click here for residential TSCM services?page.

    So,?contact ComSec?via our secure contact form or call us today at???for a quote for services!

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